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This is a special section of my web site that i'm dedicating to all the various Prelude organizations from around the world. With out these clubs, it makes it almost impossible for Prelude enthusists alike to unite, race, and even just to socialize as a comunity. As a member of one myself, I'd like to stress the importance to become involved in a club somewhere. For me, it's turned my entire thought process around. I'm no longer just about Drag Racing, but now I focus mainly on AutoX and High Speed events.

What I aim to do here is to make a list of groups. The only way this will work is if you will take the time out to do a write up on the club/group/organization that you belong to. All I'm looking for is a list of basically what the club does, when you meet, if you have a web site, how you feel about the club or group (good or bad), and some general contact information. Something simple will do, doesn't have to be long and elaborate. I'm doing this so that 3G owners can get involved. We know that there were more of our Preludes produced than any of the other five generations. This is aimed to help maybe unite others, and to help put the 3G's back into the spotlight.

Here are the rules...
#1) The organization should be one that actually does hold meetings.
#2) Online comunities do not count for this page (one is in the making for Online groups).
#3) I perfer to have Prelude only groups (I'll take mixed clubs as long as your a member).
#4) Each club is not limited to just one comment (in other words, write away!).
#5) You allow me to use your email address as a contact for others that are interested.

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